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Alicia's Approach.

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Alicia brings a creative approach to training, and adapts her presentations for foundational through to highly skilled, executive levels. Through her programs, employees undergo transformative exercises that will up-level integral skills including Public Speaking, Strategic Communications, Networking, Collaboration, and Innovation.

Alicia has previously trained employees of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ACT Government, the Digital Transformation Agency, the Australian Public Service Commission, and students at the Australian National University.
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Training Topics.

Alicia can tailor her most requested topics, or can build custom workshops to suit your organisation’s needs.


Adapting to Change

Organisations don’t change, individuals do. In this change workshop, Alicia runs through the tips, tools, and techniques for leading a successful change initiative through Agile decision making at all levels of the organisation. She focuses on creating a compelling vision for change and defining the current vs future state.


Values-based leadership

Alicia will help define your values as a leader, accounting for individual leadership styles. In this workshop, you will uncover how to demonstrate leadership in everyday life, and the importance of reflecting, seeking feedback and learning from experience.


Building a successful culture

Do you want to up-level your dream team?

Alicia’s workshop iterates how individuals within an organisation co-create the culture through conversations and by following behavioural norms and transforming culture, igniting purpose and making change sustainable.


Train the Trainer

This workshop will teach you to understand the subtle factors that make human beings pay attention, and how you can use that knowledge to better engage with your audience. Alicia will provide nine practical strategies to help you become a more confident and effective trainer, and leave the world of boring presentations in the past.


Presenting Powerfully

Does public speaking scare you?

Alicia will build confidence through developing your brand’s voice, empowering you to create authentic and memorable presentations.


Custom Workshops

Alicia can build custom training packages based on your organisation’s needs.

Build a Custom Workshop with Alicia.

What others say.

Feedback from training participants - Raise Our Voice Australia, Values-Based Leadership

"Thank you Alicia! So much to think about, and realising some of the qualities you've described actually do apply to me :) Thanks!"

"Yes thank you so much Alicia!! That was really fun, I hope to work with you again soon!"

"That was such a great session!! Really confidence boosting and energising! Thanks Alicia!"

Complimentary Resource.

Are you implementing organisational change? Alicia has created a free resource to help guide your organisation to develop a compelling vision, understand the associated risks and ultimately, execute a successful change management strategy.
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Alicia can help inspire your organisation by igniting passion, sparking conversation and improving leadership