The Why.

Alicia with two other ladies
My grandparents migrated to Australia in the 1950s to escape the fall out from the Hungarian Revolution. They instilled the importance of hard work in me, and I always remember the experiences they had arriving in Australia with nothing but a suitcase and a dream.

It is my belief that with a dream and hard work, anything is possible. My research and work has spanned International Relations, Politics, History, Italian, Education, Communications, Change and ultimately, Technology. Traditionally, I was a humanities specialist, but with the ever-evolving digital landscape, I found my passion in the Information Technology Sector. I see our collective future underpinned by technology, and it is important that we all see the role we have to play in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and technical systems.

Growing up, I was shy, but I was passionate and cared deeply about the issues faced by all people. In the 1990s, the diversity of all people was not reflected in positions of leadership. One of my teachers saw my leadership potential and cast me in the school play. This helped me find my voice and led me to become a lifelong learner, with a passion for inspiring others to find their voice. Since then, I have mentored over 300 individuals, delivered over 240 speeches and provided corporate training for over 27,250 people across the organisations I’ve worked with. I look forward to working with you.
Alicia with two other ladies
alicia's mission

“Being a young woman with a Hungarian background, my demographic is historically one of the most under-represented, particularly in leadership roles. I am passionate about influencing change and creating space for diverse voices and knowledge in this sector.”

Alicia's work.

Alicia works as a Change and Communications Lead on high-profile projects, building a coalition of change agents across the Australian Public Service. Alicia has delivered to 40 agencies across the Commonwealth and all Ministers’ Offices, receiving a letter of commendation from former Australian Prime Minister John Howard for exceptional service delivery. Alicia has spoken at events alongside high-profile speakers, including Senior Executives across the APS, Diplomatic Corps and Heads of State.

Alicia continues to be highly involved in her community, working as a private tutor for over twelve years. She has also taught acting to youth groups for over ten years. Currently, Alicia is also the Co-chair of the UN Women Australia International Women’s Day Committee Canberra, the Director of Community Engagement at ANU Women’s Alumni Network, a Mentor with the ANU CBE Momentum program, a Mentor with Rare Birds and a Member of the Women in ICT Communications (WIC) community.

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Event Speaking

Looking for an engaging event speaker or host? Alicia combines passion and energy with data driven delivery to put an end to boring and generic presentations.

Alicia is a highly experienced keynote speaker, previously presenting at the International Education Association of Australia: National Conference 2021, the Women in Leadership Summit 2020, the Department of Finance Digital Transformation Initiative 2020, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Transformation Initiative 2019, and the Public Sector Stakeholder and Engagement and Communications Conference 2019.

Corporate Training

Alicia runs a variety of corporate training programs that spark change, encouraging each employee to improve, resulting in more focused and inspired outcomes for your company.

Alicia has previously trained over 27,250 employees, including those at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ACT Government, the Digital Transformation Agency, the Australian Public Service Commission, and students at the Australian National University.


Want to make a career change but not sure how? Alicia mentors a range of individuals, from university students and graduates to those wanting to pivot into technology. Alicia helps individuals find passion, develop skills  to succeed in the job market and build a bedazzling personal brand.

Alicia has helped over 300 mentees to date with the development of core skills including CV development, job applications, and networking.


Alicia is currently available for: podcasts, guest posts, interviews, TV appearances, sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, ambassador programs, MC opportunities and event attendance. For a copy of Alicia’s media kit, please get in touch.

Speaking Topics.

Alicia focuses on the tailored development and adaptation of key speaking topics for you or your organisation. Alicia has completed over 240 speaking engagements for high-profile clients, with her thoughtful and personalised approach engaging global audiences.

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Diversity & Inclusion
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Strategic Communications

Roles and Appointments.

UN Women Australia

Co-chair, International Women’s Day Canberra Committee 2022.

ANU Women’s Alumni Network

Director of Community Engagement.

What Others Say.

"Alicia is a dedicated Change and Communications Manager who is well suited to all aspects of Change management. During my time as the Project Manager at Department of Finance, I worked closely with Alicia to manage an IT implementation solution for seven government agencies. Alicia was a pleasure to work with. I found her very competent and capable of dealing with all aspects of Change management. Alicia was able to deal with the complexities of implementation and manage and execute Change, Communication, Training design and delivery. She managed a diverse group of staff from Finance analysts to senior management.

Her people management and stakeholder management skills were exceptional. I have a very high regard for her abilities to manage Change. She is also an exceptional colleague to work with and very easy to get along with. Her constant helpful nature towards everyone is an asset to any team she works for or will work for. Given the opportunity it will a pleasure to work with her again."

Rajesh Dogra, ICT Project Manager

"I was introduced to Alicia through a mutual friend who held her in high regards. I reached out to her and safe to say, it was a worthwhile decision! Alicia has an immense capacity and passion for mentoring others. She is willing to invest the time and effort to actively listen and provide constructive feedback regardless of background and experience. Her earnest and emphatic demeanour makes her a natural good listener which I believe to be essential in a mentor type relationship. During our interactions, Alicia would always treat me as an equal with the sharing and learning going both ways.

Her valuable guidance has helped me grow my professional capabilities. I would recommend Alicia to anyone in search of a mentor or professional guidance."

Wei Shen Tan, Project Manager, IPAA

"Alicia is a great mentor and speaker! I was first introduced to her earlier this year during a networking breakfast. She always motivated me and gave constructive feedback on my personal brand. Even though she was not my official mentor assigned by the university, she took time from her busy schedule to meet with me or talk with me about my career prospects and nudge me in the right direction. What I like about her style of mentoring is that she concentrates on the little things that could add value and does not shy away from opening up about her own experiences, this makes it more relatable.

Her positivity and energy are inspiring, which is seen when having a casual or professional conversation. I am delighted to have a chance to learn from her, and recently even work on a webinar with her. Hope to see her doing more speeches and share her story with others."

Suhaib Kawish, Mentee

"I met Alicia while she was working on a complex project rolling out a new finance management system for the Digital Transformation Agency during COVID-19. Her role involved seemingly everything - from change communications to system testing to training delivery. As a presenter, she is knowledgeable and engaging. Her skills, knowledge, and engaging presence were exceptionally valuable on this project."

Travis Larcombe, Digital Campaigner, Equality Australia

Alicia works to empower people to embrace change where culture meets technology.